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Oliver Thorn-Seshold


Project(s) involved: XVIII - Lang/Sumser/Thorn-Seshold

Born 05.06.1985 in Sydney, Australia



since 2018           Emmy Noether Group Leader, LMU Munich
since 2016           Independent Researcher, LMU Munich (LS Wanner)
2013 – 2016        Postdoc, LMU Munich (Prof. D. Trauner)



2009 – 2013        PhD, Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon (Prof. J. Hasserodt)
2007 – 2009        Master of Science, Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon + University of Sydney
2004 – 2006        Bachelor of Science, University of Sydney + Gothenburg University


Research Interests

Design of probes, prodrugs and photoswitchable reagents

Inhibitors of tubulin and TRP channels, and DNA alkylators

Translational anticancer research