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Simon Wiegert

(PI; ZMNH, University of Hamburg)

Project(s) involved: Soba/Wiegert


Curriculum Vitae

Center for Molecular Neurobiology Hamburg (ZMNH)

Falkenried 94, 20251 Hamburg, Germany 

Phone:                                +49 (0) 40 741055085




Since 01/2016            Principal Investigator at the ZMNH Hamburg, Germany

02/2012-present       Senior postdoctoral fellow  at the ZMNH Hamburg, Germany

Institute for Synaptic Physiology, laboratory of Prof. Thomas Oertner

09/2009-02/2012      Postdoctoral fellow at the Friedrich-Miescher Institute Basel, Switzerland

Department of Neurobiology, laboratory of Dr. Thomas Oertner

04/2009-08/2009      Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Heidelberg, Germany

Interdisciplinary Center for Neurosciences, laboratory of Prof. Hilmar Bading



11/2005-03/2009      PhD thesis at the University of Heidelberg, Germany

Interdisciplinary Center for Neurosciences, laboratory of Prof. Hilmar Bading

Title: “Synaptic plasticity in hippocampal neurons: Investigation of the transcription-dependent regulation of synaptic connectivity and ERK-mediated synapse-to-nucleus communication

08/2003-02/2004      Internship  at the Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Monash Institute for Medical Research, laboratory of Prof. Ban-Hock Toh

2001-2005                   Research assistant  at MPI for Medical Research, Heidelberg, Germany, laboratory of Prof. Bert Sakmann

10/2000-11/2005      Diploma in Biology at the University of Heidelberg, Germany

Thesis: “Live imaging of ERK nuclear translocation and analysis of the role of gene transcription in activity induced enhancement of synaptic efficacy in hippocampal neurons in culture” Mark: 1.0 with distinction



2015                     Abstract selected for Hot Topic book by Society for Neuroscience

2013, 2014          2x ‘Paper of the month’ selected by the University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf

2010 - 2012         Marie-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship from EU/FP7

2008 - 2014         Travel grants awarded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), German Neuroscience Society (NWG) & “Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft” (DFG)

2005                     Diploma in Biology with Distinction


1)        Wietek, J., Beltramo, R., Scanziani, M., Hegemann, P., Oertner, T.G., Wiegert, J.S. (2015). An improved chloride-conducting channelrhodopsin for light-induced inhibition of neuronal activity in vivo. Sci Rep 5:14807

2)        Blumer, C., Vivien, C., Genoud, C., Perez-Alvarez, A., Wiegert, J.S., Vetter, T., Oertner, T.G. (2015). Automated analysis of spine dynamics on live CA1 pyramidal cells. Med Image Anal 19(1), 87-97

3)        Wietek, J.*, Wiegert, J.S.*, Adeishvili, N., Schneider, F., Watanabe, H., Tsunoda, S., Vogt, A., Elstner, M., Oertner, T.G., Hegemann, P. (2014). Conversion of Channelrhodopsin into a light-gated chloride channel. Science 344 (6182): 409-412, *first 2 authors equally contributing
Highlighted in Science, Science Signaling & Nature Methods

4)        Biermann, B., Sokoll, S., Klyueva, J., Missler, M., Wiegert, J.S., Sibarita, J.-B., Heine, M. (2014). Imaging of molecular surface dynamic in brain slices using single particle tracking. Nat Commun 5:3024

5)        Wiegert, J.S. and Oertner , T. G. (2013). Long-term depression selectively eliminates weakly integrated synapses. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 110(47), E4510-E4519.

6)        Huber, D., Gutnisky, D.A., Peron, S., O'Connor, D.H., Wiegert, J.S., Tian, L., Oertner, T.G., Looger, L.L., and Svoboda, K. (2012). Multiple dynamic representations in the motor cortex during sensorimotor learning. Nature 484, 473-478.

7)        Holbro, N., Grunditz, A., Wiegert, J.S., and Oertner, T.G. (2010). AMPA receptors gate spine Ca2+ transients and spike-timing-dependent potentiation. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 107(36), 15975-15980.

8)        Wittmann, M. *, Queisser, G. *, Eder, A. *, Wiegert, J.S. *, Bengtson, C.P. *, Hellwig, A. *, Wittum, G., and Bading, H. (2009). Synaptic activity induces dramatic changes in the geometry of the cell nucleus: interplay between nuclear structure, histone H3 phosphorylation, and nuclear calcium signaling. J Neurosci 29, 14687-14700. *first 6 authors equally contributing

9)        Wiegert, J.S., Hofmann, F., Bading, H., and Bengtson, C.P. (2009). A transcription-dependent increase in miniature EPSC frequency accompanies late-phase plasticity in cultured hippocampal neurons. BMC Neurosci 10, 124.

10)     Wiegert, J.S., Bengtson, C.P., and Bading, H. (2007). Diffusion and not active transport underlies and limits ERK1/2 synapse-to-nucleus signaling in hippocampal neurons. J Biol Chem 282, 29621-29633.

Review articles:

1)        Queisser, G., Wiegert, J.S., Bading, H. (2011). Structural dynamics of the cell nucleus: basis for morphology modulation of nuclear calcium signaling and gene transcription. Nucleus 2(2), 1-7.

2)        Wiegert, J.S. and Bading, H. (2011). Activity-dependent calcium signaling and ERK-MAP kinases in neurons: a link to structural plasticity of the nucleus and gene transcription regulation. Cell Calcium 49, 296-305.