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Christof Taxis

Christof Taxis (PI; University of Marburg)

Project(s) involved: Essen/Taxis


Curriculum vitae Christof Taxis:

Date of birth: 30.01.1972 (male)

Philips Universität Marburg

FB17 Biologie/Genetik

Karl-von-Frisch-Straße 8

35043 Marburg

Telefon 0049 6421 2823046

Telefax 0049 6421 2823032




Academic education including degrees

Subject of studies: Chemistry

1997    University of Stuttgart, Diploma in Chemistry; thesis adviser Prof. Dr. D.H. Wolf

2002    University of Stuttgart, Dr. rer. nat.; thesis adviser Prof. Dr. D.H. Wolf

2015    Philipps-University Marburg, habilitation in Genetics and Cell Biology


Academic appointments/positions held

2002-2007       Postdoctoral fellow at the EMBL Heidelberg, Department of Cell                                                       Biology and Biophysics, adviser Dr. M. Knop

2007-current   Junior grpup leader; Philipps-University Marburg, FB17 Biology/Genetics, head of department Prof. Dr. H.U. Mösch





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Renicke C, Schuster D, Usherenko S, Essen LO, and Taxis C (2013). An optogenetic tool to control protein degradation and cellular function. Chemistry & Biology 20: 619-626.

Renicke C, Spadaccini R, and Taxis C (2013). A tobacco etch virus protease with increased substrate tolerance at P1' position. PLOS One 8: e67915.

Jungbluth M, Renicke C, and Taxis C (2010). Targeted protein depletion in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by activation of a bidirectional degron. BMC Syst Biol 4: 176.

Taxis C, Stier G, Spadaccini R, Knop M (2009) Efficient protein depletion by genetically controlled deprotection of a dormant N-degron. Mol Syst Biol 5: 267.

Lutz AP, Renicke C, and Taxis C (2016). Controlling protein activity and degradation using blue-light. In: Methods in Molecular Biology: Optogenetics - Methods and Protocols. Kianianmomeni A (ed.). Springer, Heidelberg, in press.

Taxis C, and Knop M (2012). TIPI: TEV protease-mediated induction of protein instability. In: Methods in Molecular Biology: Ubiquitin family modifiers and the proteasome: Reviews and protocols. Dohmen/Scheffner (eds.). 832: 611-626. Springer, Heidelberg.